Every special day is different
but we’re here to help you plan…

It can be overwhelming working out how everything is going to fit together on your big day, so below is a few ideas of how we work with your plans while creating beautiful images.

1.5 hours before the ceremony, we start with Groom and Bridal prep. During this time Katy spends time with the bride getting her hair and making up done, spending time with bridesmaids then finally getting into that dress! Meanwhile, James is with the groom and ushers, capturing the details from those small cufflinks to getting into their suit and putting on the buttonholes (then it seems often ending up in the bar before being called through to the ceremony!)

This is one of the key parts when two photographers makes all the difference. Katy will stand at the front capturing the grooms nerves just before the bride enters, her expression as she walks towards him then all the reactions through all the vows. Meanwhile, James can capture from the back the beautiful setting and that perfect first kiss shot!

(which normally take 30-45 mins), we arrange the confetti isle! A fantastic celebration and cheer from your guests as you leave the ceremony.

Before too many glasses of champagne are drunk and ties get loosen!
We organise this with you before your wedding day so you have no stress on the day and we take care of them for you.

This is where we capture those lovely candid shots of you and your guests enjoying themselves, unaware of our cameras.

We love this time with you. Not only is it a chance to get creative and have some fun (we will do a much of as little of this as you would like), it will often be the first time you will have away from your guests, just the two of you… well, nearly just the two of you!

Just before everyone goes into the room, we take all the photos of the tables and details you have spent so long planning. When everyone is seated and food starts being served, we leave you to eat – no one wants to be photographed chewing food!

One of our favourite parts of the day! We spend the speeches candidly capturing all the laughter, tears and (often for the groom!) embarrassment of this incredible time of the day!

After the speeches, while the room is being turned around, we carry on capturing those lovely natural moments between you and your guests, this could be playing garden games in the grounds of your venue or relaxing at the bar. This can also be great time to get some early evening couple shots as the sun is going down.

As your evening guests arrive, this is often when the all important cake cutting and first dance takes place. We work with the wedding coordinator to make sure everything is where it needs to be for this perfect moment, then capture you dancing away with your partner and guests.

This is when the coverage normally finishes (before the photography becomes evidence!). However, if you have something special happening later into the evening, we can arrange to stay and capture you dancing into the night – we have even captured Brazilian dancers and stilt walkers!

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